Who are BigFizz? BigFizz Games is based in England, UK. Formed by a small group of friends in 2003, with a vision of making downloadable games that are instantly fun. Everyone here at BigFizz has worked in the mainstream video-game industry. Each of us has worked with some of the biggest licenses around and have published titles on the major console formats. We use our 20+ years of collective experience to create games that players love and with the high production qualities which players deserve. Why? BigFizz are committed to fun. The games on our site are the kind of games we like to play and in some cases, the games we do play. Through the Internet, BigFizz can offer players the kind of choice that just doesn’t exist in the shops. We think that’s a good thing. Aims Fun – Enormous amounts of it when you play our games. Family – Games suitable for all ages. No violence, no obscenities. Quality – High production values on everything we do. Value – Every purchase from bigfizz.com to be money well spent. Security – Your details are in safe hands.